Service agreements

Total responsibility for service & maintenance

For your equipment to produce optimal at the lowest possible cost, Scandinavian Kiln Service service where you as a customer will have a total plan and cost for service and maintenance for your rotary kiln.
We help you identify and plan your maintenance activities to minimize unplanned downtime - all with the support of Valmet's expertise in the design, technical solutions and process expertise. We offer total responsibility for your spare parts inventory and make sure to have reached critical spare parts necessary for the next scheduled maintenance activities.

Fast service

If an unplanned stop or accident occurs, our service technicians and engineers quickly on site to identify and rectify the error as quickly as possible. Via Valmet, we quickly developed original spare parts which we do not have in stock. Our goal is to maximize your profits by eliminating inventory and unplanned breakdowns.

Availability - around the clock

In case of any accident or other emergency stop on the equipment we are available around the clock.