Regular mechanical inspections are an important part of the maintenance program for rotary kilns. To have an understanding of the conditions that the kiln is working in enables you to better plan your maintenance and maximize production time for your investment.We carry out inspections and are constantly developing our methods to shorten the time and costs for our customers. For each inspection a report is delivered with action plan for your kiln. 

Examples of types of inspections that we offer:

  • Visual mechanical inspections
  • Load Analysis
  • Ovality of the kiln shell
  • Measurement and analysis of the center line
  • Ultrasonic test of supporting roller shafts

Mechanical installations

Installations, maintenance and repairs we perform include: 
  • Replacement of shells on kilns, mills and dryers
  • Replacement of live ring
  • Replacemnet of girth gear
  • Replacement of support and thrust rollers
  • Replacement and repair of seals
  • Machining of the live rings and supporting rollers
  • Replacement of satellite coolers and replacement of cassettes in COMPAX coolers
  • Replacement of feedeing screw
  • Repair of cracks in the shell, supporting rollers and live rings
Thanks to the staff who have years of experience in mechanical work and service on rotary kilns guarantees that the work gets done quickly with the right quality and at a competitive price.


At our workshop in Gävle, we can offer refurbishments:
  • Supporting roller complete with bearings
  • Thrust rollers complete with bearings
  • Satellitte coolers
  • Feeding screws